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Our Team

We are a team of professionals with requisite business and technical skills, sound leadership, experience and knowledge to deliver best solutions and services for our clients; more importantly focused business model allows the necessary senior-level attention to clients.

The growing team works together in a stimulating environment providing high-quality cost-effective solutions in the areas of Software Development, E-Commerce, Web Designing, Mobile Apps Development, Client Server Technologies, Multimedia and other utility services.

Our team, experienced in various programming languages, graphic design, web programming, database/E-commerce integration, and marketing work with you to compose any application or a software solution that meets all of your expectations.

  • Reji Varghese
  • CEO & Company founder
  • He is a Post graduate Electrical Engineer
    from MANIT Bhopal(India) with his Under
    Graduate Engineering degree from NIT
    Rourkela(India). In Dec 2003 he established
    the company ADONAI. He has overall
    responsibility for creating, planning,
    implementing and integrating the
    strategic direction of the organization.
  • Arun Kushwaha
  • Web Developer
  • Working with the organization since 2003,
    he involves in producing attractive visuals
    for websites and ensuring that every bit put
    together for the website works properly to
    enhance user satisfaction. In addition to
    design he takes on any front-end challenge
    that is put in front of him.
  • Rohit Yadav
  • Team Lead
  • Working since 2006, he plays an important
    role in guiding the team members. He sets
    the team in a direction to research, design,
    build, implement, maintain or improve
    something in accordance with the company’s
    overall vision.
  • Rajesh Kalra
  • Team Lead
  • Having joined the organization in 2008,
    he is an integral member of the Adonai
    team. With his experience and knowledge,
    is a mentor for the team members. He’s
    one step ahead when it comes to the
    latest technical developments.
  • Rahul Sharma
  • Software Developer
  • He plays a key role in the design,
    installation, testing and maintenance
    of software systems. Also he transforms
    the ideas put forward in the design
    discussions into concrete working
    solutions and test their viability.

  • Hemant Soni
  • Web Designer
  • Joined the organization in 2011 and
    deals with the majority of website
    maintenance tasks for our clients.
    He is a skilled designer and the
    conceptual mind behind bold and bright
    ideas. He has an eye for the smallest
    detail which defines his work.
  • Upjesh Yadav
  • Software Developer
  • Having joined Adonai in 2012, he
    concentrates on heavy back-end
    development as well as front-end
    development. Plays an important role
    of system analysis, development and
    implementation. Also provides on-site
    maintenance for our clients.
  • Ashish Yadav
  • Customer Service Executive
  • He plays a critical role in providing an
    interface between developers and the
    clients . He has Ability to handle clients
    pressure , solution to the customer's problem.
    He works continuously on a task until completion.

  • Sharad Yadav
  • Customer Service Executive
  • He provides support services to clients
    in terms of troubleshooting problems
    identifying and correcting technical
    issues, providing advice on system
    related upgrades and improvements.
    Efficient dealing of complaints to
    completion and enabling satisfaction
    of customer.
  • Nirmal Yadav
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Expertise in talking to clients through a series of
    actions, either face-to-face or over the telephone,
    to help set up systems or resolve issues. He builds
    sustainable relationships of trust through open and
    interactive communication.